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About us

Blue Green Spain Ltd
149 Windmill Road
Oxford OX3 7DW
Tel. 01865 600670

Blue Green Spain Ltd is a small independent company managed by Belen Fernandez. We specialise in self-catering accommodation in northern Spain, specifically in the region of Asturias.

Belen is based in our office in Oxford. She is from Gijón, the largest city in the region, and has been organising holidays to the area for friends and family since moving to the UK in 1995. After receiving such positive feedback, she decided to start Blue Green Spain to bring her knowledge and expertise to more people looking to discover this little-known part of Spain.

Veronica is based in the beautiful harbour town of Llanes, in Asturias, and has first-hand knowledge of the area. She will be at hand if you need any help during your holiday. Veronica deals with most of the booking administration and checking availability so you'll get a quicker reply if you fill in the availabilty request form or email us rather than ring our main office in Oxford.

We have visited every property offered on our website and we have only selected those properties that we feel offer something unique in terms of location, character or value for money. We travel to Asturias very frequently and can advise you about every aspect of your trip.

If you are looking for something in particular and none of the properties on offer fulfil your needs, please contact us and we may be able to source other accommodation for you.

Let us help you find the perfect holiday!