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Price Promise Build Works Trusted and Professional​

Build-Works is a local construction company, offering new build, landscape, pool and residential renovations. We understand that when you get a quote from a building contractor that is the amount you anticipate to pay. Our price Guarantee promise is exactly that, when we complete the quote, that is what you will expect to pay. Occasionally there can be additional charges as we advance with the project however these will be totally agreed and never presented as a surprise.

Car Hire

These are car hire companies that we have used when travelling to Asturias and which we can recommend for their good service and competitive prices:

often offers the cheapest all-inclusive car hire. In the drop-down menu find 'Spain' and then Asturias and Santander airports:

Hertz has offices in Asturias and Santander aiports. Click on their icon to get a quote.