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We spend a lot of time in our homes with our kids, siblings, and parents. Whether it is a cook-out with a group of friends or a birthday, the ideal home is one that you feel comfortable living in. Our home renovation services can help transform your existing home into one that you’ve always wanted. Outdated homes can be cumbersome to maintain, and they don’t exactly make an excellent first impression. Plus, it might be missing many modern comforts that most people are enjoying in their homes. Well, that’s where we can help you!


Properties by area

This is a list of our properties by area.

Cabrales/Cangas/Picos de Europa:
AS007 Casa Grande de Cabrales IIOrtiguero3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS006 Casa Grande de Cabrales IOrtiguero4 bedrooms (sleeps 7/9)
AS032 La CalzadaLa Borbolla3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS011 Casa CuyarLa Villa de Espinaredo3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS005 El CantilLa Goleta3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS018 Finca El PalacioTorín4/5 bedrooms (sleeps 8/10)
AS026 La CeriquinaPruneda1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS043 El Ferre Pruneda2 bedrooms (sleeps 4)
AS042 El MalvísPruneda2 bedrooms (sleeps 4/6)
AS012 La Tienda de Porrúa IPorrúa1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS013 La Tienda de Porrúa IIPorrúa1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS014 La Tienda de Porrúa IIIPorrúa1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS024 El Carril I Cué1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS025 El Carril II Cué1 bedroom (sleeps 2/4)
AS020 Casa del Monte Villa2 bedrooms (sleeps 4/5)
AS044 La MilarinaPoo3 bedrooms (sleeps 4/6)
AS033 El Molín CasaPosada3 bedrooms (sleeps 5)
AS008 Caserío San Pedro IDebodes3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS039 Venta Los ProbesPuentenuevo3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS021 Casa BarruVilla3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS015 El CuetuMeré4 bedrooms (sleeps 7)
AS009 Caserío San Pedro IIDebodes4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)
AS023 Casa AlipioPancar4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)
AS019 Las FraguasCardoso5 bedrooms (sleeps 10)
AS035 El NozalSebreño2 bedrooms (sleeps 3/4)
AS001 Los AblanosSebreño2 bedrooms (sleeps 4)
AS002 El AceboSebreño2 bedrooms (sleeps 4)
Santa Eulalia:
AS036 El PegolluNaveda1 bedrooms (sleeps 2)
AS022 El LlagarNaveda2 bedrooms (sleeps 4)
AS037 La HuertucaTorazo3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS041 Casa RosauraNaveda4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)
AS004 Ataraxia de AnaCabritón2 bedrooms (sleeps 4)
AS028 El Llugarón NorteLugarón2 bedrooms (sleeps 4/5)
AS029 El Llugarón SurLugarón2 bedrooms (sleeps 4/5)
AS031 El Llugarón IIILugarón2 bedrooms (sleeps 4/6)
AS017 El MadreñeruCandanal3 bedrooms (sleeps 6)
AS030 El Llugarón GrandeLugarón4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)
AS003 Casa AnaCabritón4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)